The aim of the ICS Observatories is to discuss key issues relating to Portuguese society and institutions, bridging the gaps between science, society and politics. By promoting partnerships with local, state and private non-profit institutions, the Observatories produce technical and scientific knowledge for policy-makers and national and local government, as well as for researchers in other academic fields. In this connection the Observatories are strongly committed to contributing to social innovation and better governance in the public and private sectors.


Observatório da Qualidade da Democracia

OQD – Observatório da Qualidade da Democracia


Observa – Observatório de Ambiente, Território e Sociedade




OPJ – Observatório Permanente de Juventude




OFAP – Observatório das Famílias e das Políticas de Família




IE – Instituto do Envelhecimento