Activities aimed at political decision-makers and stakeholders

The ICS, often through its Observatories, undertakes a range of activities aimed at converting the results of academic research into tools to enhance political decision-making and the work of other stakeholders.

Policy briefs

Policy briefs are short documents published by the Observatories describing the results of research projects and outlining the corresponding policy recommendations.

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Portugal Social de A a Z – Portuguese Society from A to Z

A book on topics relating to Portuguese society today was published in collaboration with the weekly newspaper Expresso on the 50th anniversary of the ICS in 2013, containing 26 entries authored by ICS researchers and other social scientists, written in clear and accessible language.

Cardoso, J. L., Magalhães, P. and Pais, J. M. (Eds), Portugal social de A a Z: temas em aberto (Portuguese Society from A to Z: open topics). Lisboa: Expresso / ICS

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Portugal Social em Mudança – Change in Portuguese Society 

In 2015 the ICS launched a regular publication – Portugal Social em Mudança (Change in Portuguese Society) – the aim of which is to disseminate information on social issues in a longitudinal and comparative perspective. The title of the first issue was “Portugal in Europe in the Crisis Years”. The various topics selected – Democracy, Environment, Families, Youth and Trust – seek to situate Portugal in wider contexts, in terms of both geography and time, based on indicators both objective (statistical) and subjective (perceptions, opinions) relating to different aspects of social life. The topics selected for study are those seen to be important for the country’s future, potentially affected by the current crisis and reflecting lines of research which have been studied within the ICS-ULisboa Observatories.

The second issue, in 2017, sought to look inward at the country, at its internal heterogeneity, uncovering its diverse social geography by portraying several different municipalities.

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Advisory Committees 

As part of their university extension activities, ICS researchers are represented on advisory committees of national and local government bodies and both for-profit and non-profit organizations in the private sector.

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GovInt Forum for Integrated Governance 

The ICS is a partner in the Fórum para a Governação Integrada – Forum for Integrated Governance (GovInt), an informal collaborative network of public and private institutions which came together to cooperate in thinking about and acting to solve complex societal problems by adopting a more effective and efficient integrated governance model. ICS researchers are members of the Advisory Board (João Ferrão and Luísa Schmidt) and of the Working Groups on Assessment (João Mourato) and Participation (Roberto Falanga). A number of joint initiatives have been undertaken in this context, such as lectures, workshops and summer schools.

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Participation in stakeholder events

CS researchers are frequently invited to present their work in seminars and conferences organized by public and private bodies, both for-profit and non-profit. We make available here the programmes of the events, presentations and documentation authored by ICS researchers.

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