The UL Institutional Repository (Repositório.UL) (Repositório Institucional da Universidade de Lisboa) collects, preserves and provides access to the research output of the university community and is part of the RCAAP Portal – the Portugal Open Access Research Repository (Repositório Científico de Acesso Aberto de Portugal).

The Repository both meets the demand for maximum visibility and the need for proper curation and preservation of Portuguese research output for the future.

FCT has awarded key measure status to the filing of publications in any RCAAP repository in compliance with the Open Access Policy (Política de Acesso Aberto) in force since 2014.

At ICS, all publications are filed in the Repository. The webpage entitled “The ICS Community in the Repository” (Comunidade ICS no Repositório) lists the Institute’s complete research output, allowing all interested parties to have access to it.