Data Access

One of the fundamental aspects of open science is to provide access to the quantitative and qualitative data produced by academic research projects and networks. Access to this data is justified on the grounds that research should be both transparent and accountable and also be able to be re-used and redeveloped by other researchers and members of civil society. At the European level, this objective is present in the development of initiatives like the European Open Science Cloud and the OpenAire project.

Accordingly, ICS provides access to databases resulting from national and international surveys, interviews and other qualitative methodologies, and other forms of systematic data collection used in research projects.


National and International Survey Databases

APIS – Arquivo Português de Informação Social – Portuguese Social Information Archive link

IASPP – Infraestrutura das Atitudes Sociais e Políticas dos Portugueses – Infrastructure of Social and Political Attitudes of the Portuguese link

ESS – European Social Survey link

EVS – European Values Study link

ISSP – International Social Survey Programme link


Arquivos históricos

AHS – Arquivo de História Social – Social History Archive link


Bases de dados resultantes de projectos ICS

Novo aquilégio – The new aquilegium: reservoirs and spas link

Scientific Research Associations link

Corporate Institutions link

Agriculture in Portugal link

Dermatological wax catalogue of the Desterro Hospital link